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    Experience the next generation of doors with Inotherm from Apex Windows and Contractors Ltd in West Sussex

    Inotherm Aluminium Doors West Sussex

    Inotherm Premium Aluminium Doors, West Sussex

    • Luxury Aluminium Designer Doors
    • Thermal Bridge Interuption
    • Triple Glazed as Standard
    • Door Designer - Design Your Dream Door

    Inotherm aluminium doors are the crème de la crème of entrances and one of the most sought-after range of doors in Europe. Made with precision manufacturing techniques and materials, they set a new standard of innovation and design excellence.

    Infinite Design Options

    Inotherm Doors from Apex Windows and Contractors Ltd have hundreds of modern and traditional designs from which you can design your own dream door

    Inotherm Doors Style 1
    Inotherm Doors Style 2
    Inotherm Doors Style 3
    Inotherm Doors Style 4
    Inotherm Doors Style 5
    Inotherm Doors Style 6
    Inotherm Doors Style 7
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    Inotherm Doors Style 19
    Inotherm Aluminium Doors

    Standard specification of Inotherm doors from Apex Windows and Contractors Ltd

    • Single doors up to 1260mm wide x 2700mm high
    • Schuco patented profile
    • 0.7W/m2k – 0.9W/m2k ‘U’ value range
    • 0.5W/m2k when in combination with motif and ornamental glass
    • 3mm thick aluminium exterior and interior skins
    • Triple glazed as standard
    • 5/6 point locking as standard
    • Modern and Traditional styles

    Inotherm doors have a lot to offer

    Exceptional Security


    A sturdy construction with standard built-in security features ensures exceptional security. You can choose security equipment yourself.

    Excellent Insulation

    Excellent Insulation

    A full double-sided cover infill panel with three layers of insulating glass meets Europe’s highest energy-saving standards.

    Infinite Design Options

    Infinite Design Options

    Furnish your door with accessories to your liking. Choose from a broad selection of knockers, peepholes, mailboxes, house numbers and more.

    Endless Colour Options

    Endless Colour Options

    Choose between matte and metallic effects, look for wood décors, or opt for designs with a distinctive style. Powder coating technology used.

    Intricate Glass Options

    Intricate Glass Options

    All doors come equipped with highly insulating 3-layer glass. Add a unique touch to it by choosing from among ornamental, Parsol and safety glasses, or go for stylish engravings and stained glass.

    Modern Range of Accessories

    Modern Range of Accessories

    The finishing touch on and over the door is made by you. Scroll through the wide range of accessories and equipment and customize your entrance according to your preferences.

    Inotherm Cross-section of profile
    • Above-standard profile thicknesses
      Depending on the entrance door program you select, the thickness of the infill may be 54mm, 85mm and 105mm. Due to their above-standard thickness, all entrance doors provide you with outstanding thermal insulation and high energy savings.
    • Anti-bending expansion layer
      For better statics, an expansion layer is added to all entrance doors, which prevents the bending or deformation of the entrance door and maintains the stability of the door even with large temperature swings.
    • Triple Glazing
      All entrance doors feature glazing with three 6mm thick glass panes, which additionally insulate and enhance the safety of your home.
    • Additional seals
      Our doors are sealed with three round liquid seals with vulcanised corner joints for better thermal insulation.
    • Thermal bridge interruption
      A special heat barrier in the gap between the panel and the frame prevents heat from escaping and reduces your heating costs.
    • Aluminium threshold
      A robust aluminium threshold with a thermal break reduces the energy flow in the lower part of the door and allows for the invisible mounting of the door frame.

    Features of Inotherm Doors from Apex Windows and Contractors Ltd, West Sussex

    Inotherm Door Security

    Exceptional Security

    A sturdy construction with standard built-in security features ensures exceptional security. You can choose security equipment yourself.

    Inotherm Door Insulation


    Above-average door thickness, insulating glass and triple sealing ensure exceptional thermal insulation and lower heating costs.

    Inotherm Door Designs


    Select your model individually, paint it with the colour of your choice, and don’t forget to design the glass elements and the accessories of your new aluminium door.

    Inosmart system for inotherm doors


    Equip your new door with the technologically advanced inosmart system for greater comfort and outstanding safety.

    Advanced opening system

    Your finger is your key!

    The new generation of readers, which can be controlled via the INOkey mobile app, is a new step in the area of security, practicality and convenience.

    INOkey’s numerous advanced features and motorised automatic locking make it an indispensable accessory when purchasing a new entrance door.

    Fingerprint Reader for Inotherm doors

    Optional extras

    Fingerprint Recognition

    Fingerprint recognition

    Electronic Peephole

    Electronic peep-hole

    Inosmart Security System

    Inosmart security system

    Retna Recognition

    Retina recognition

    Superior durability with thermal and acoustic performance

    Built with a Schüco-patented profile combined with thermal and acoustic performance, Inotherm doors combines cutting-edge technology, offering 3D fingerprint sensor, smartphone access and schedule management, with advanced integrated security features.

    The result is an exceptionally secure, high-performance entrance door, that protects your home and complements your way of life.


    A wide range in excess of 80 Colours and Finishes

    From Standard to Matt, Metallic, Wood and Patterned

    Traffic White Matt

    Traffic White

    Anthracite Grey Matt

    Anthracite Grey

    Aluminium Grey Fine Structure

    Aluminium Grey
    Fine Structure

    Dark Brown Fine Structure

    Dark Brown
    Fine Structure

    Anthracite Grey Fine Structure

    Anthracite Grey
    Fine Structure

    Eisenglimmer Fine Structure

    Fine Structure

    Grey Sprenkel Fine Structure

    Grey Sprenkel
    Fine Structure

    Split Oak Light

    Split Oak

    Split Oak Dark

    Split Oak



    Golden Oak

    Golden Oak

    Golden Oak Deeper Grain

    Golden Oak
    Deeper Grain

    Mountain Pine

    Mountain Pine



    Hinge Colours

    Hinges are available in:

    • Gold
    • Black
    • Silver
    Inotherm Hinge Colours

    Threshold Colours

    Thresholds are available in:

    • Anodised Black
    • Silver
    • Anodised Gold
    Inotherm Threshold Colours


    (Click on a link to download the file)

    Inotherm Door Designer

    Design Your Dream Door

    Classic, modern, extravagant, simple… Our offer comprises more than 400 entrance door models customizable to your liking. Upload a picture of your façade to the door configurator, modify door colours, shapes and accessories, and choose the right ones for you.

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